Tok Craps La

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Love You With Craps

Dog Poos seems to be everywhere along my place. But then since this is craps, I am sure some of you can still remember my first first existing post here.

Please Clear Your Dog Poo

First Ever Crappy Post

Well nothing to brag, but I think it's time to revive the first crap to live as long as it was. Well, it ain't disgusting really. It's all just crap.

Monster Face Craps

Wow this is shocking...Haha... Anyway this is only a fake poopoo. Don't be alarmed. But then this is what one can do when they want to play pranks on their friends. Ho ho.. Crappy rite?

But what else can one do with fake dog poo. Hmm.... let me go thru with you. How about sending to your love one that you love her/him with dog poo? Huh? What kind of crap is that? You heard me loud and clear what, send him/her loves with dog'll be a unique present and gift alright. Who else will do that for once at least? Why not you be the one the first few ones in her/his life?

Ok, man, you're disgusting. Don't believe me, check out this picture!

I Love You

Unique eh? Craps...


Football Real Madrid Wins Again

Yoo hoo, no no no. not

Craps is back, you will know now that it's the time of the season to watch what's happening after all the football fever during the previous world cup.

It's been like a year but what has happened? OMG? Why the sudden revival. Of course, craps is very very happy to have you all here still.

I won the cup!! Peace Man

So what about it now? Real Madrid won the Spanish Primera Liga!

Looks like something to look forward after the hectic battle for the Champions League title which Liverpool didn't get to win. Well, I was actually aiming to see if there was a repeat of the final, well on the 81st minute it sure look like it, but I think time past.

Congrats Milan (OMG!! That's like few months ago news.... wat the crap are you doin?). Too bad really cannot see Liverpool do the same thing to AC Milan 2 years ago. Well anyway there's the premier league coming right up!! So this coming season would promised to be a better one. So who cares what crap is going on with the players. It's the result that counts!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Accidentally In Love

What do you mean accidental? Why accidental? How come someone can accidentally fall in love with someone else...*snaps fingers* just like that! I always wonder, is it really love? Or just a sign of woof woof love.

The only love I know is crappy. That is Love me and I. But somehow in this lifetime it beats loving someone that only knows how to demand and not sure where their future is headed with not even knowing what they want to do for their living. Yes, love is a feeling, but feeling without proper life planning is the craps. You can't go on living with feel. With the current economy, love is there, but how can one go through life with just feel. That's why, I will always be the crappy me, even though someone ask me to find crappy's wife/husband. Too bad....

Come and eat this. My piece of crap.

ps: Sorry, no pun intended. Is just one small and short post.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cosplay Rox

How many of you have ever actually been to a cosplay?
A rough meaning of cosplay - people dressed in anime characters for display. LOL

Most of them whenever I see are always into buying the original sets of cosplay costumes instead of making one. I feel aihz...even costume parties where it used to be a competition as to who can be the best costume is not even more a costume party.

People just go to shop and get their craps from there. All they ever got was just some premade stuffs. I believe everyone's imagination level has dropped down to a negative value. Well I was until now looking for one originality of one's own creation of a cosplay costume.

FINALLY...I found one, he's super original that I can't keep my horse on. It's the best of the other cosplay that I've ever seen. No one has ever had this kind of cosplay costume compare to this guy, even though his(a guy) is not as fancy as the rest of them, at least he's original. My salute to this guy.

For those that don't know what I am talking about. Have a look at our Cosplayer.


Credits to

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Headbutt of the Century

Headbutt of the century by former FIFA player of the Year. But then one can forgive him for the reasons he does that. Anyway is up to each personal individual.

Offfppffhhh..That hurts.

One man Down

Now imagine if the one who did that headbutt is someone who has a hard head like Jan Koller.
I am tall and big and a HARD HEAD

Monday, July 10, 2006

I Believe

I believe
being somewhat stupid is not a good thing.
I believe
being somewhat crappy is quite funny
I believe
having a lot of weird stuffs is even worse
I believe
that Czech Republic will become the Champions one day.
I believe
that one day the World Cup will be in their hands

Go Go Czech Republic. I wonder where the heck did Patrik Berger went?
Who knows?

And YES, the proud coach of Italy has finally gotten his prize.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Finals Repeat's funny. Somehow I've got nothing to crap on the finals. Maybe due to the fact I was sick during these past few days. So terribly sick that I vomitted a few times.

Anyway I only watched like 20 minutes of the final and couldn't stand it anymore as I was still sick. When I heard the score was 1 - 0 advantageous to France, I was like Woo Hoo....someone's gonna treat Karaoke. But too bad, it didn't happen.

So in the end the score line was 1 - 1 with the championship decided by penalties. Anyway kudos to this year finals.

For those that didn't know yah...rite, as though this year's World Cup is won by Italy.

Hear a lot of Buenos Sera. Gracie.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Klinsmann Era

When I saw the match, it was a way of saying, "Now That's What I call football!" Kudos to both teams. But looking at the match stats, the Italy has like so much shot at goals compared to the Kaisers.

"Buenos Sera, Gracie"

The only thing that tickle my nerves were the antiques of Juergen Klinsmann(Kaiser's coach) with his jumping up and down yelling this and that during the game. I was trying not to laugh, but somehow can't cause is really funny. But after the match he's pretty much the man we wanted him to be. Kudos to him though for leading a non-hopeful team before the World Cup to be amongst even the final 4.

I'm done shouting, I've got nothing to say!

One thing though, Jans Lehmann has always assured himself as the top keeper, denying mostly anyone trying to score goals. I am sure if you've seen the previous post on Lehmann, you'll see that he boast he's capable to emulate the O' Kahn factor again. But having played in EPL where most of the players there can only last 90 minutes, he's finally been beaten FLAT.
Look Ma...I dodge the ball!

Hmm...Lehmann oh Lehmann...
Anyway Ballack seems the worst, always falling down anytime he kicks the ball somewhere else, he just have to go into an opposition way and fall down. No wonder Chelsea brought him over. They've got an army of SUPER DIVERS!!

Known Famous Divers at Chelsea
Arjen Robben - FAMOUS
Didier Drogba - ALSO ONE OF THEM
Michael Ballack *new inclusion*
< leave space for new recruit >

Really an entertaining game, I wonder the Italians still got their superb passing skills. Face it, they show a wonderful football flair compare to England and Brazil. If you've watched the match, you should agree. Look at how Brazil and England plays (I know I love hitting at these two), compare it to the Ger vs Italy match. Even Germany plays better than the both of those much rated fans' team.

Mine! Mine! Mine! Wahahaha

I guessed that leaves only the French and the Portugese to battle for the other spot for the final. Well I am rooting for the French for personal reasons. I don't want someone to win the pool of money in my company. one wins, then it would be spent on food. HAHA